I am unapologetically blunt. I don't cut corners, and I don't censor shit. The language used in this book is extremely descriptive and explicit, so if you were looking for the Holy version... THIS AIN'T IT!!

To Daddy... the man who taught me that everything you desire isn’t always what you need, and every ‘I love you’ shouldn’t cause you pain. You know what you did to me. Now they will too!
— Daddy's Girl


  • Why do we hold on to people who deep down we are unhappy with?

  • Why do we sacrifice happiness elsewhere to stay where we don’t fit?

  • Why do we allow ourselves to be belittled and mistreated?

  • Why do we know better, but not do better?

  • Why is it so hard to let go?

  • When does it end?

Sex Me is the story of an around the way girl from the south side of Chicago, who connects with her celebrity crush and finds herself living out her fantasies with a sick twist. She unmasks the man she’s admired for decades, only to find demons within. Confessions of sex, obsession, manipulation, control, betrayal, abuse and survival; an erotic, skin-chilling look into what it was really like surviving “Daddy".